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Sarah Foll

Founder: Facilitator & Coach

Sarah Foll has thirteen years experience working as an international learning and organisation development professional, facilitator and coach. She has headed up Learning and Talent at DMG Media and was responsible for Sony Pictures’s European Learning & Development division for five years. She started her career as a management consultant at Accenture (within the Human Performance service line). She has studied psychotherapy, coaching and 360 feedback, mindfulness and NVC. She also has a Business Management degree from King’s College, University of London.

Sarah has been teaching resilience for over ten years and she believes a mindset of continuous learning is the key to embracing challenges with a positive outlook.


Course Design

Emma is an experienced content designer and Learning and Development professional. She also works with burnt-out executives at international well-being centers.



Simon has been a facilitator and coach for over thirteen years. Simon is passionate about teaching others to be more present in today’s busy world and is also a martial arts teacher.



Katie is a facilitator and professional actress. In her spare time, Katie teaches ‘mind and body’ classes.


PR and Comms

Harriet is an experienced communications professional who works from her farm in Somerset. Harriet owns a company that makes natural bees wax products (Just Bee).

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